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2023. december 10.
President’s welcome Nyomtatás
Dear Partners,
With its 55 year-old history, Kinizsi Bank is the first credit institution of Hungary with its headquarters outside Budapest that is exclusively in Hungarian private ownership. As a determining bank of the region, similarly to the previous years, we have managed not only to maintain but also to strengthen our market position, maintaining safe operation and contributing to the development of the environment.
Besides the dedication of our staff and its positive approach to the increased tasks, the fast and flexible reaction to the emerging market opportunities were all necessary for our success in 2012. Owing to the prolonged recession lasting for years, the economic agents, including our existing and would-be clients, also had to adapt to our micro-environment, which process designated new, even more marked tasks and challenges related to the competition for the bank.
We can say that in today’s world only changes are lasting. Our bank’s activities and structures were reorganised again on the basis of the challenges, thereby enhancing the increased safety expected from our activities but fully observing the stricter and stricter and constantly changing statutory requirements. At the same time, we constantly endeavour to offer even tailor-made services as well at all times – taking clients’ needs into consideration. Thanks to this, and continuing the already popular practice, but modifying our services according to the demands of the period, we opened up to retail clients as well as small and medium size enterprises.
The best measurement of a bank’s activities is the satisfaction of its clients; therefore we continue to be at our clients’ disposal with our characteristic client-centeredness, directness and flexibility. We do and will do our best to occupy a worthy place among financial institutions due to the standard of our services, the quality of our products, our promptness and the devotion of our staff and, besides this, we wish to maintain and enrich the bank's previously created values, enhance the circle of our customers and expand our product palette with new services.
I would like to express my thanks to all clients of our bank who helped us through placing their trust in us, and, thereby assisted us in meeting the high requirements towards our financial services. Thanks also to all colleagues participating in operating the bank and to all those who assisted us in our everyday work. I would also like to welcome those would-be clients who get to know us in the future and who will exploit the opportunities offered by Kinizsi Bank in the future.
Antal Lakatos
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