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2023. december 10.
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In the previous year, Kinizsi Bank Zrt. managed to preserve its leading market position in the area despite the further deepening economic recession and, as for several decades, in 2018 it continues to be a reliable and stable partner at its clients’ disposal. Despite the unfavourable macro-and microeconomic processes, the bank is present in the banking sector as a determining agent. As the financial service provider of municipalities, of local companies as well as the inhabitants, it is our objective to adjust the product portfolio and the staff’s expertise to the expectation of our clients.
We can fulfil the requirements of the 21st century with the help of continuous product development, the improvement of the quality of our services and the training of the staff. Beyond these, we maintain our client-centred approach, since as a regional bank, our main strength is this personal touch. Based on this relationship with our clients, our services are not simply banking products but personal solutions truly serving the solution of their problems and individual solutions assisting them in reaching their goals.
Retail banking
It is our priority to provide high-quality services to the inhabitants of the region. In line with the challenges of the 21st century, we have carried out significant IT developments. More and more clients use our NetB@nk surface to arrange their daily finances. Beyond this, however, a personal relationship continues to be important for us and for our clients thus, in the course of product development, the age, the accounting and savings habits of our clients are considered as far as possible. The product portfolio is broadened on the basis of this relationship while the traditional banking services are kept
At the beginning of 2012, the placement of foreign exchange risk-free HUF loans was continued to families in difficult situation due to the increasing foreign exchange rates wishing to refinance their loans. The exchange loan product with a favourable interest rate—as a market leader in the region – led to the successful increase in the number of clients.
In the course of pricing the retail products, the bank considered that the expenses, monthly costs of Hungarian families place the majority of households into a difficult situation, therefore, despite the significant burden of the transaction tax, we offer cost-effective accounts and this special attention is also considered during product development.
Due to the lengthened recession, the significance of reliability, stability and long-term security has become more important in the field of the population’s financial matters. The bank offers products to fulfil all the financial needs of our clients, such as property and life insurance, saving plans for housing loans, short- and long-term financing while our continuously widening investment services provide expert support for the placement of our clients’ savings.
Corporate sector
As a Hungarian bank, we are dedicated supporters of small- and medium-sized enterprises. In difficult economic conditions, we belong to the few Hungarian financial institutions that did not fully transfer the total amount of the transaction tax to their corporate clients either. Contrary to the general commercial banking practice, we continue to maintain our lending willingness in this sector.
The quickly changing economic environment has a continuous impact on the financing needs of companies as well. The market environment expects flexibility and quick reactions from us, too. In the past year, our bank was at the service of the region’s companies with the modernisation of already popular products and the launching of new loan products.
We manage to fulfil not only the requirements of Hungarian small- and medium-sized enterprises but also those of international companies and large businesses. We offer special services to them in the field of accounts, lending as well as investment.
Municipal sector
Kinizsi Bank Zrt also provides full-scale financial services to municipalities. Our bank has shown its dedication to local values since the beginning, and due to this, bank’s clients include small towns, villages and the local municipalities of small settlements. In Veszprém County, our market share in terms of municipalities continues to exceed 15 per cent. One of the reasons of success is that our branches can also be found in small settlements, where our staff can see the daily operation and problems of municipalities; consequently, they can provide expert financial help on the spot.
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